Wednesday, March 23, 2011

later 3-23-11

So we are still here at the hospital.  John was just taken back for EGD and biogpsy.  The doctor explained that she will take an aggressive biopsy.  His GI doc took a biopsy that was clean but she wants to essentially "dig deeper"  to make super sure it is not cancerous.  The reason being that John's esophageal stricture is actually outside of his field of radiation.  The stricture could have also been caused by acid reflux but he has not had noticable syptoms of acid reflux.  Apparently you can have acid reflux and not know it but they still want to get the full picture. 

I truly appreciate their thoroughness and yet at the same time it makes me scared as heck.  Again John is not scared, he just seems to know he is ok.  I wish I could feel that way too.  I pray to God I can feel that way.  This cancer journey is a roller coaster and I have never been fond of carnival rides.  I prefer situations in which I have more control.  Some, namely John, might even venture to call me controlling.  This is my lesson from God that he is in control of everything . Even though I can  not always see the plan, there is a plan and the plan is good b/c God is good.  This I know outwardly but I must find a way to penatrate my heart.

Thanks for your prayers.


March 23, 2011

Today we are at Methodist Hospital.  This is our first time here.  We are usually at St. Luke's next door.  This place seems good.  The nurse has been nice.  John's procedure was to be at 11.  It is noon and we have not moved to pre op yet but our doc had a surgery before this proceure.  Surgery can take time as you know.  I am really only worried about time b/c John's blood sugar was a bit low a week or so ago.  It appeareu to be due to the fact that he has become very active again and just needed to take in more calories.  Since he is NPO today, I was afraid that he might get light headed.  He is sleeping now so that is good.  We are in a very nice room with a bed and TV to wait for pre op.  TMHS gets points for this luxury plus the wifi is really good too. 

We are very excited about the surgery on April 13th to repair  John's esophagus.  I am also nervous but he does not seem to be at all.  He would do it today.  It is kind of funny that everywhere we go lately for medical care the providers look at John,  look at his chart then are amazed at how good he looks.  I have to attribute that to his attitude.  He has never acted sick.  He has always seen this as a temporary situation that he just has to get through.  I am so proud and amazed by him.

I will let you all know soon how today goes.

Thanks for the loving prayers.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

John update

Hi Folks,

I am currently a bloggie loser.  I have not been diligent in updating you about my John but I say, "no news is good news".  

John is truly feeling great.  He has gained about 16 lbs since this summer's low of 143.  He looks great.  He is coaching Bree's softball team and loving every minute of it.

The "bad" news is, and it is very relative,  he is not able to eat as well as we would like.  He can mostly only pass liquids now due to a benign esophageal stricture. 

The "good" news is, we live in Houston and have access to the fabulous Texas Medical Center. 

This leads us to this week.  Thursday, John will have a scope (he has had many of these) by Dr. Shanda Blackmon (she has never scoped him).  During the scope, Dr. Blackmon will look around at the stricture and take some biopsies (biopsies have already been taken and were benign).  Dr. Blackmon will do her own scope and biopsies b/c the plan is that in about a month she along with plastic surgeon, she will perform an esophageal reconstruction on John.  Thus allowing him to eat normally again.

This is very exciting and also scary b/c it is major, major surgery.  Both doctors will block off the entire day for the surgery.  It will require them deflating one lung and opening his chest among other gory details.  He has passed all heart and brain screenings for surgery with flying colors and Dr. Blackmon said that he certainly does not look like the same guy who has been through all the things which his chart details for this past year.  Yes Lord, for this and many other things, we are so very grateful. 

While the Butler family is still experiencing its fair share of curveballs, we are still very, very blessed and truly happy with all of the gifts God has given us.

I ask for prayers for John tonight has we face this next curve ball. I also ask for prayers tonight for two of our church families who are facing medical issues right now.  These prayers we pray with a heart that knows that God's plan will make every thing right.

Love, Bec